Sunday, October 23, 2011

(Sonatra, summer 2008)
This is Sonatra. 
He was 12 years old when I met him in the summer of 2008.
A sweet little boy walked into my life and stole my heart that summer.
Now, 3.5 years later, he's a little taller (okay, a lot taller) and is more of a young man than a little boy. 

Sonatra has had a rough year. He made a few poor decisions and is now dealing with the consequences. Ever since I met him, we've always joked about him driving my car. He really wants to learn to drive.  So, about a month ago, he and I made a deal: If he stayed out of trouble and worked hard in school, I would teach him how to drive. 

He turns 16 on Tuesday. 
He's upheld his end of the deal, so now it's my turn. 

I get to do this every day, ya'll. I get to look back and see how far my kids have come. I get to encourage and love on them. I get to strive to change the norm of Cedar Grove. I get to help them become amazing people. 

Not a bad job. 

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