Friday, October 28, 2011

The longer we talked, the more she shared, the more I thought, "Holy crap, our stories are so similar. We are so similar." My heart broke for her a little more with each story of disappointment, each fear, every frustration she shared. My heart broke because I remember that. I was there not so long ago.

My heart broke, but it was also filled with hope. Hope resting in the fact that not so long ago my God reached into the depths of the darkness that had overcome my life and pulled me out - pulled me out, dusted me off, and set me on solid ground. Hope that knows that He works all things for our good (see Romans 8:28). The kind of hope I'm praying she comes to possess herself. 

Putting your hope in the Lord doesn't mean your life magically turns to gold, it means that your hope can't be shaken. Hope in your job, hope in other people, hope in government, hope in money or success, hope in graduate school, etc, and you'll be disappointed every single time. Those things can be shaken, those things can be destroyed. But hope in the Lord, an immoveable fortress, creator of all things, the lover of your can't go wrong with that. 

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