Thursday, August 18, 2011


I turn 23 today.
I lived through another 365 days.
I am blessed with another year, more simply, another day.
...and only by the grace of God. 

{Fact: I love birthdays. Like, REALLY love them. And not just mine...every one's. I make a big deal of them, because you should.}

Last night, as I sat in my living room with my house church family one last time, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Katie made me a birthday/we're sad you're leaving cake. They made me blow out the candles twice, and sang to me three times. They prayed over and eulogized (birthday blessings) me. We worshiped. We laughed. I have never been blessed the way I was tonight. I savored every second of it. 

As this new year of life ushers in a time of big transition, it is moments like last night that I will hold onto. Moments when I'm surrounded by family - family who love, cherish, and encourage me, but who first and foremost point me to the Father. Moments when all we've been able to do is laugh so hard we cry. Moments I see the Kansas City skyline and realize how much I love this city. And the moment I realized just what it is I will be leaving in five days...

Thank you in advance to all who celebrate with me today.
I am blessed beyond measure.

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