Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All These Things

Things are crazy right now, friends. On top of everything else going on, I'm moving. Don't get me wrong, I am SUPER excited to move in with the Morrisons, but that means I'm downsizing from a house to a bedroom. No biggie, right? That's what storage is for, yeah? Wrong. I've decided paying for storage isn't the best decision, so I'm getting rid of pretty much everything. So, I've slowly been chipping away at my stuff - going through things, getting rid of about 90% of what I currently have. (Side note: Need any furniture? If so, call me, because all of that's going too!) I'm also slowly chipping away at about (no joke) 15 loads of laundry; if I can have 5 laundry baskets stuffed with dirty laundry and still have clothes to wear, I have too much...WAY too much.

Typically, you don't realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it. True. I'm also finding there's truth in the statement, "You fill the space you have." When I lived in the dorms, everything I owned fit in my car. Then I moved into this big house, with lots of places to put things and have somehow accumulated a bunch of stuff.

And that's all it is...stuff. Granted, I'm not very sentimental. But honestly, do I love a friend less if I don't keep that birthday card forever? Will the memories mean less if I don't have something tangible? The answer is no. Seriously, if it's packed away in a box somewhere and you never see it, how much could it possibly mean to you?

So, here's to moving, clean laundry, and a simpler, less cluttered life.

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megan kennedy said...

Hey Krysten girl,
I creep on your blog every once in a while when there's somethin new. It's nice to know what you're up to.
Some friends of mine at Redeemer are getting set up to foster and they're looking for some furniture. Any chance you're getting rid of a dresser or twin bed?
That's all. It's cool to hear about your church. Lucy and I looked it up after reading your blog. Hope it's going well there.
Peace yo.

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