Monday, September 20, 2010

Waiting for the Dawn

I haven't felt like this in a heart hurts tonight, I'm annoyed with myself, stressed out, on the verge of tears.
It's been a terrible day...week.

It's been terrible, everything seems to be going wrong, and yet, STILL I'm shown beauty. Beauty I cannot ignore. It comes in the form of generous and loving friends, reminders of cherished memories of a summer past, a graduation ceremony for one of our Hillcrest residents, Jacob's Well sermon audio, a boss who lets me know I am valued.

The past two years have been a long road. The past four months have been especially transformative. I have been brought out of the darkness. My heart is being healed. I am learning a posture of gratitude, and to choose that daily. Yes, there are times like this of discouragement, but I will not be overcome...this too shall pass. My joy comes again in the morning.

HE chooses goodness and mercy for me.
HE works all things for my good.
And I'm desperately holding onto that fact.

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