Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Are Pilgrims On A Journey

JW Pilgrimage 2010 = success.

Friday night the community of Jacob's Well converged on Youth Front Camp South and spent the following days sun bathing, swimming, canoeing, praying, blob-ing, dancing to sweet 80s music, trying to avoid our tents flooding, and generally being awesome. I loved every minute of it.

Sunday was extra special. After morning worship, we all headed down to the pool, but not to swim; it was baptism/dedication time. Before anyone got in the pool we were asked to sprinkle water on our arms to remember our own baptisms. As I sat with my feet dangling in the pool and watched baby Ollie be dedicated and five friends (including sweet Noah Jolly) be dunked and lifted into new life in Christ, tears welled in my eyes.

I've witnessed many baptisms in my life, but none as moving as those. Something was different. Maybe it was the weekend coming to a close. Maybe it was the people. Maybe it was the realization that a new chapter of life is opening. Maybe it was the weather. I don't know.

But I was moved to tears.
And I won't forget it.

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