Friday, August 20, 2010

No Catchy Title, Just Raw Truth.

This is my prayer right now: Lord, direct my heart into your love and into the patience of Christ...

because love is patient and kind, and I am not
because love is not irritable or resentful, and I am both
because love is not proud, and my pride always gets the best of me
because love endures all things, and I'm not sure I can carry on this way any longer
because I struggle to love my family
because my patience with others so quickly wears thin
because you make all things work for my good, in time
because I'm nothing more than a clanging cymbal.

My dear friends, please know that I value you. Forgive my abrasive nature, highly guarded heart, pride. Though often I struggle to express it, I have so much love for you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Are Pilgrims On A Journey

JW Pilgrimage 2010 = success.

Friday night the community of Jacob's Well converged on Youth Front Camp South and spent the following days sun bathing, swimming, canoeing, praying, blob-ing, dancing to sweet 80s music, trying to avoid our tents flooding, and generally being awesome. I loved every minute of it.

Sunday was extra special. After morning worship, we all headed down to the pool, but not to swim; it was baptism/dedication time. Before anyone got in the pool we were asked to sprinkle water on our arms to remember our own baptisms. As I sat with my feet dangling in the pool and watched baby Ollie be dedicated and five friends (including sweet Noah Jolly) be dunked and lifted into new life in Christ, tears welled in my eyes.

I've witnessed many baptisms in my life, but none as moving as those. Something was different. Maybe it was the weekend coming to a close. Maybe it was the people. Maybe it was the realization that a new chapter of life is opening. Maybe it was the weather. I don't know.

But I was moved to tears.
And I won't forget it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Are We Here For?

I came across this on FOUND magazine a few days ago. It was an eye opener, to say the least.
As I struggle to figure out what my life will look like in the next few years, I am consistently being reminded of my bring heaven to earth.

My life is planned, not by me though, but by the Maker of the heavens and earth. He watches over my coming and going. He chooses goodness and mercy for me. So what do I have to worry about? Granted, my attitude and decisions do not always reflect this belief, but, I'm trying.

This is all I can do: trust and live my life in a way which helps bring heaven to earth.
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