Monday, June 21, 2010

Take It From Me

The humidity clung to me as we strolled through the summer night, no destination in mind, walking as far as the conversation would take us. There are few things that can top a long walk and good conversation with a dear friend.

Most of our conversation centered around relationship. Such a loaded subject. I wish I could articulate all the beauty of our conversation. Here is just a tidbit...

Within the conversation I was reminded of a line from The Weepies song "Take It From Me": Funny how it's hard to take a love with no sting. Oh, so true. It's easy to love people surface level, always guarded in anticipation of disappointment. Far more difficult is accepting a love with no sting----a love that requires vulnerability, trust, respect, no judgement, genuineness. It says to the other person, "I see your immense worth. And I will fight for it, and you."
Yes, that is a bit intimidating.

But, oh, what a beautiful thing.

I pray we be genuine with one another.

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