Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Water Tower

The cool air rushed through my hair as the car zoomed along the road which seemingly led nowhere. Windows down, music blasting, both occupying the same space and yet left to our own thoughts. The excitement of not knowing our destination pulsed through my body and for the first time in days, I felt alive. In that moment, I did not care one bit where we were going, only that it was away from where I had been.

Our drive continued a long while until things became strangely familiar to me; childhood memories came flooding back and in an instant, I knew exactly where we were. I exited the car and stood in awe of the structure towering over me.

My legs propelled me up the hundreds of stairs just as they had when I was younger. The view from the top was just as breath taking as ever, maybe even more now as my appreciation for nature increases with age. For a few moments I stood atop the tower, not worrying about things to come or the disparity of my present situation, but reminiscing about beloved childhood memories when my family surrounded me on that very tower and the laughter of my cousins and I filled the air, carrying over the vast horizon.

Funny how the oddest of places can bring a bit of healing...

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