Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey-O, I'm Legal!

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It's official my friends, I am 21! And I will not hesitate to say that it has been the BEST birthday thus far.
Now I know you're probably thinking that it was great because I could drink...not the case...although that was nice. Here's a run down of what my day looked like:
Normally birthdays seem to fly by, but yesterday strolled along like an old woman on a walk. I woke up at Kelsey's house here in Liberty and then she and I spent ALL day just the two of us; and friends, that would have been good enough for me, but the day just kept getting better! After spending all day hanging around her house, cleaning, and running away from Mormons, we met up with a large group of my favorite people at Compas. Los Compas is always wonderful, but it's even better when Nesto is your waiter and it's your birthday! Dinner was wrapped up with "Happy Birthday" in Spanish and a double shot of tequila. Ice cream at By the Scoop, drinks at Six, then cake at Kelsey's house (thanks to Kels and Jon :).

There is no better way to spend a birthday than surrounded by people you love laughing so hard your stomach aches, and that's exactly what I did. Not to mention the fact that a boy who is quickly becoming very important to me got to meet my closest friends. :)

So thank you to all of you who called, texted, or came along for the party.
You all make my life better.

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carina said...

Happy Birthday once again! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

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