Saturday, July 11, 2009

throw it all together.

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Much has happened since my last post. Some which I will share with you, my dear blogging friends, some which I will keep to myself, and much of which I cannot fully process. Here's a random assortment of my life right now:

1. My mother is now on Facebook.

b. Four things are crossed off my list of goals for the summer.

iii. I finally acted on my desire to get involved at Jacob's Well; I was done waiting for other people to be ready or to have the time. I have the time now--so two JW Summer Institute classes, one email to the head of volunteers for JW Kids, and a few weeks later...I'm involved, and I now have friends at Jacob's Well that are not from Jewell. And it feels good.

4. "Sell everything you own and follow me."--I'm trying to figure out what this looks like in my life. And I'm probably over thinking it.

e. I, the girl who hates water, spent most of Friday at a water park. Weird, huh? I know. But that is what the kids I was watching wanted to do...and to be honest, I had fun.

vi. I ate meat for the first time in two months yesterday....and paid for it today. Won't be trying that again for a long time.

-- The book Marley and Me made me cry. Don't judge.

h. Ben and I are dating...not in a relationship, but dating.

9. I went 3 days this week without sleeping at body hates me.
So I've resorted to drugging myself. You do what you have to.

That's all I got.

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