Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"trust me" thanks.

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People never cease to surprise me. Never.
I’m convinced you never really know someone, especially in this stage of life. We are all growing up, changing as individuals; and as a result our friendships ebb and flow like the tides. The last three semesters have taught me a lot about friendship; and as a general rule I have learned not to trust people.

I’m done trusting people who don’t deserve it. I’m done apologizing. I’m done wasting energy on one-sided friendships. I’m done playing games. If you want me to let you in, be prepared to prove yourself to me; and I expect to have to do the same.

Another thing I’ve learned is that it is incredibly difficult to disprove/rid a stigma an individual has of you. I have not been myself these past three semesters—I’ve been battling issues and illnesses. By no means am I apologizing for any of that, but for those of you who watched me struggle…I want you to know you have not seen the person I want people to know. So I want all of you to read the next sentences very carefully: Forget what you’ve known of me the last few semesters. You will see a new person in the fall—stronger, healthier, happier.

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