Monday, May 18, 2009

pull-out couches and tractors

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i'm home, albeit for two days, for the first time in 5 1/2 months.
it's weird.
my bedroom has been converted into the "family room"...translation: my sister took my furniture and i now sleep on a pull-out couch. the only remnants of me in the room i designed and literally helped my father and his friends construct are the paint colors i so meticulously chose.

each time i come home the landscape of my little town is different. here are the differences this time (which will mean nothing to you, but bear with me):
--they tore down OLA and are building a junior high
--there is a new fire station across from my doctor's office
--the glass door on front of my house has a new handle, which means i can no longer simply push it open. so yes, i do run into it every time.
--our swing set is gone
--the tree i spent my childhood climbing has been reduced to a measly stump. at least my father had the decency to cut above the part i carved my initials into
--we now have a monkey joe's...but i have no idea what that is
--what was once a 4-way stop is now a round-about

i don't know how i feel about home anymore. in some weird way, i'm glad my parents converted my bedroom into the family room. i think pull-out couches are a sign of emerging adulthood. i don't live here anymore, and this solidifies that fact. more than a few days at home at a time is all i will ever be able to handle., i was driving and passed two tractors on the road. that doesn't happen in kansas city, and i had forgotten how much i like it.

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