Wednesday, April 1, 2009

love from little arms

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lately much of my time is spent with people under the age of 10. let me explain...

mwf mornings/afternoons i babysit two little boys, aiden and andrew (5 and 3). friday evenings i volunteer at midwest foster care, which really means i hang out with kids...most of whom are pretty young; we play basketball, play on the playground, and other kid things like sidewalk chalk...i love every minute of it. and to top it off i spend as much time as possible with rory and emme anderson (4 1/2 and 2).

one of my favorite things about mwf mornings: ringing the doorbell at aiden and andrew's house and hearing aiden yell "kkkkrrryyyssstttteennnn!!!" this past monday aiden flung open the door and the first thing i saw was andrew running around butt naked with a huge smile on his face...although it had been a crappy day thus far, i could not help but laugh!

last night as we were leaving dinner, emme ran up to me arms stretched upward saying "hold you, hold you"...which meant she wanted me to hold her. when i picked her up she gave me a big hug and then preceded to rub the back of my shoulder with her little hand and then say "sank you, kyssen. how you?" it was absolutely precious. then rory came over to my "big house" (semple) and we had a baking party with her easy bake oven. after handing out our cupcakes in melrose, i got to read bedtime stories with emmers and tuck her into bed. who could ask for a better post-dinner activity? not me.

i'm in a really weird place with friends right now. why are relationships so difficult once we get past the age of 8? i mean, we all want the same things, don't we?--to feel loved, accepted, like we are important to someone, respected, to fit in. and yet, so often we (i) fail to be the kind of friend that provides those. it's messed up, frustrating, discouraging, and hurts. you'd figure at the age of 20/21 we could figure out how to treat each other.

so for now, i spend as much time as i can with my little friends. it's funny how much i can learn from them--aiden is teaching me about compassion, andrew about joy, and rory constantly reminds me of the importance of being considerate.

big hugs from little arms can fix just about anything.

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