Sunday, April 19, 2009

incoming call...georgette

Currently listening to: Cake
Currently missing: Shreveport
Looking forward to: S.U.M.M.E.R.

i just got off the phone with one of my favorite people in the entire world...georgette. the call was unexpected, and a sense of relief fell over me when i saw her name on my phone; and while the conversation was a mere 12 minutes long, it was exactly what i needed tonight.

my summer was spent with georgette--walking for hours around the lake, swimming on fridays, doing all things uniquely shreveport, watching ER and CSI, playing connect 4 with our kids. she's my big sister, and i miss her terribly.

she called because i was on her heart and mind; i am always incredibly humbled and honored when someone tells me that. she wanted to know how i am...and would not take the standard "i'm alright" answer. tonight was the first time in a long time i have told anyone what's really on my mind and heart--it felt good. i wish georgette was closer, but we are where each of us needs to be (although most days i'm not convinced of that). so for now, we call each other occasionally and talk about silly things like how "jesus and java" will get us through the last 3 weeks of the semester.

and it's good.

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