Friday, July 11, 2008

a work in progress...

things i've learned so far this summer:

-2 on 1 is fair in any game (when it's me against my kids)
-to love being barefoot
-to sleep under the covers instead of ontop of them
-the healing power of love
-green houses aren't really green...thanks toby
-strangers can become family
-healing takes recognition of the pain
-my heart is bigger than i thought...and right now it belongs to about 20 kids
-the joker beats any card in war
-kids will amaze you, given the chance
-i'm actually black...haha
-real change comes little by little
-kels and i were destined to be friends (same girl scout troop number and everything!)
-i have a lot to learn
-i am absolutely ridiculous

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh I am glad and kinda sad that you are sleeping under the covers now. I still like to sleep on top at school (less laundry), but if you want to be "normal" I guess that is acceptable. too :)

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