Friday, June 13, 2008

a turning point.

Summer is upon us. Friends are scattered around the country, around the world--two here in Louisiana, one in Washington, two in Texas, one in New York, two in Colorado, two in Africa.

This's going to be a turning point in all our lives, I can feel it. We're growing up, heading off on our own, doing very big yet very ordinary things. We're all doing different things in different places--but the common theme of striving to serve and love as Christ would persists.

Change is taking place. Growth is taking place. These passions and fires burn deep within me. I feel like life is finally beginning. Through all the pain and frustration I face, I can feel something building, moving. The future is nearing and this growing up thing is scary. But exciting things are happening. I look back and see what God has done with/through/in me in the last two years and it makes me even more excited for the uncertainty I face. I have no clue what He is doing with my life, but I'm certain He's doing something.

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